Syney has a perfect service system, to customize a thorough maintenance plan for each elevator and to ensure the safe and the best elevator operation, so as to escort for your travel.


Maintenance services

We always attach importance to the R&D of maintenance technology, and work out unique maintenance process flow according to the characteristics of different types and use environments of elevators, in the combination of using special maintenance computers, tools and workwear.In addition to routine maintenance work, we also regularly inspect your elevator with professional predictive diagnosis technology, and formulate individualized maintenance plan according to the actual running status of your elevator, so as to effectively “prevent” damages and maximize the life span of your elevator.

Service network

To provide every user with the best service, we set up a 24-hour complaint hotline 4008-267-608 and professional maintenance service agencies throughout the country to ensure a timely solution to the customers’ problems. Our customers can enjoy the most convenient service in the shortest possible time.

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