We adopt the more space-saving overall structure and user-friendly interface design as the urban living space is becoming more and more crowded. The tall buildings and living areas are connected with safe and comfortable elevator system, making your life more comfortable and convenient.


Double choice between MR and MRL, optimized space, flexible shaft layout and various lift car decoration programs, are suitable for all kinds of residential building layout.


For the purpose of residents’ privacy ensuring and life quality improving, we use the IoT to improve the privacy of residences, which creates more comfort and freedom.

Product CategoryFeaturesDescriptionScope of Use
ElevatorsPassenger elevatorNo machine room, saving costs and space

Low noise and energy consumption

Smooth acceleration, comfortable ride

Residential buildings

Apartment buildings

High-rise buildings

Panoramic elevatorSaves interior space and costs

Elegant exterior on upper levels

Can be installed inside or outside

Luxury villas
Budget hotels
Villa elevatorNo suspended machine room

High performance, energy saving, low noise, save, convenient, easy to control

Hundreds of styles to choose from

Private residences
Luxury villas
Medical elevatorSuitable for stretchers and hospital beds

Intelligent patient waiting time reduction

Excellent operational curve, steady and comfortable

More compact main body structure design

Excellent power cut memory function

High-rise buildings
Residential buildings
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